Hello and welcome to the first ever virtual Youth Zone! Whether you’re a Mozfest pro or a new visitor, the Youth Zone is the place to visit for amazing workshops, lightning talks and this year, our first ever Hackathon!

So what is a hackathon?

Hackathon combines the words “hack” and “marathon” where participants will be hacking together experimental, creative and playful projects over the course of Mozfest at a marathon pace! Hackathons originated in software and hardware engineering, but the concept also now applies to other areas, including developing innovative solutions to real world problems.

This year’s Youth Zone Hackathon will take place over the…

Hi, My name is Aoibheann. This is my second time at Mozfest. This year I’m doing a workshop with Scratch using the Pi-Stop. In my workshop you will get to program a Pi-stop, a mini-traffic light add-on for your raspberry pi. When you’re able to program the lights, you will get to make a traffic light game and a Yes/No game. In the Yes/No game your sprite will ask Yes/No question, if you get it right the green LED will light up but if you get it wrong, the red LED will light up. You must light the LEDs up 5 times to win. I am really looking forward to MozFest this year. I loved Elise’s Sonic Pi workshop and the Astro Pi workshop. I also can’t wait to meet all the friends I met last year.

My Time at Mozfest 2016

I had such an amazing time at Mozfest I still can’t believe just how big and wonderful the whole event was! On Thursday I set off from the airport — we had a few delays so landing at the hotel in the early hours of Friday morning I was exhausted and fell straight to sleep. We were up and at it early on Friday morning, we had an amazing breakfast at the Hilton London Tower bridge and headed with my space wrangler Andrew to google to collect some kit needed for the youth zone. It…

Hi I’m Aoibheann, I’m 10 and I’m from Co. Mayo in Ireland. I was really excited when I heard all about Mozfest and was delighted when I was accepted to do a workshop at it all about the raspberry Pi with the explorer Hat pro and how to use it to make coding in scratch interact with physical things you have in your home.

I started using the pi about 6 months ago and I have to say I love it! I learned to code using scratch at my local coder dojo so as yet I have mainly used it…

Aoibheann Mangan

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